Tourism postponed

Postpone summer to fall. This is the new strategy adopted by Tourisme Montréal which does not rule out the possible postponement of certain flagship events of the summer season such as the Grand Prix of Canada, the Francos and the Montreal Jazz Festival.

“We are in the process of seeing our strategies and we are in” how we transform fall into summer “mode,” explained Yves Lalumière, president and CEO of Tourisme Montréal in a telephone interview with La Presse, on Tuesday. On the same day, the President and CEO of the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix, François Dumontier, made it clear that his event would not be canceled. However, it could be postponed over the summer. A decision will be made between Easter and May 1.

Mr. Lalumière, for his part, does not hide his preference for a change of dates for the Grand Prix, which should normally take place from June 14. “If it is pushed back, we are more likely to have good traffic,” he said. Depriving yourself of Americans hurts a little. “

Let us remember that the government has ordered the closure of its borders, notably that which Canada shares with the United States. Yves Lalumière points out that nearly 2.6 million Americans come to Montreal each year. A clientele that the metropolis can hardly do without, according to him. For this reason, date changes for the Francos and Jazz could also be considered. “Is there an opportunity to postpone? It sure is, he says. It will depend (on government decisions). We have zero control. “

Could Quebec as a whole go into summer mode in mid-July rather than from June 24, National Day? It’s too early to tell, said Martin Soucy, president and CEO of the Quebec Tourism Industry Alliance. “It will depend on what happens after May 4,” he says. It is at this point that students should, in theory, return to school. “We have not yet reached this stage. “


Building of a mine blocked

The federal government blocked the construction of the Ajax gold and copper mine in British Columbia on Wednesday because of the “significant negative environmental effects” it would cause, according to a press release.

The 1,700 hectare surface mine project near Kamloops, carried by the Polish group KGHM, had already been rejected last year by the provincial government following an environmental study showing the harmful impact on the environment that would have the mine if it was built.

“The project is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects which cannot be justified in the present circumstances,” the federal government announced in a statement.

This decision is based in particular on consultations with local Aboriginal peoples and an assessment of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the project.

The Canadian government, however, approved on Wednesday the construction in Quebec of another open-pit gold and copper mine, Akasaba Ouest, of the Canadian group Agnico Eagle.

The Akasaba West project “is not likely to directly cause significant adverse environmental effects, due to its relatively small size and short lifespan,” the government said.



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